I’m Marta, the designer-maker behind Martha Lace lingerie. I’m originally from Italy and since I was younger I was spending my spare time with my mum’s Singer.


Martha Lace was born a few years ago in London, where I figured out sewing lingerie was the best way to express my love for laces and delicate fabrics as well as for feminine and sensual pattern.Since then, I studied and worked in the fashion, increasing my seamstress skills.Now, Martha Lace is an independent lingerie label where each piece is carefully cut, crafted and packed by me.

What most represent my label are bespoke designs on customers measurements because I believe women body shouldn’t get identified just under a fixed standard size label. Custom designs developed aside with my customers, are what else I most enjoy and what keeps high my creativity. I’m thankful to every each one of my customers, that’s why every day, I aim to offer a customer service at the highest possible level.

I personally source each material from all around the European fashion capitals such as Florence, Paris, and London. Most of these materials are handpicked by me, which ensures the uniqueness of each one of my designs.My only and amazing helper is my partner, Wojciech, who looks after the marketing and the appeal of the shop.

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