This is how you make a difference. Ecologically certified materials are just the beginning. We have protected the environment at every stage of the manufacturing process so that you can wear your new “Made in Italy” clothes with pride and confidence. We catch the timeless beauty of nature in our garments so you can enjoy them for much longer than just one season.


Piñatex® is an innovative natural textile made from pineapple leaf fibre. This is a by-product of existing agriculture, and its use creates an additional income stream for farming communities who otherwise rely on a seasonal harvest. Once the fibre has been stripped from the leaf the leftover biomass is retained for use as a natural fertiliser or biofuel. Piñatex® was developed as a sustainable alternative to both mass-produced leather and polluting synthetic materials, offering a better choice for a better future.
Produced in accordance with international standards for organic livestock production, which include natural feed and forage which is not genetically engineered or treated with synthetic hormones, no use of fertilisers or pesticides on grazing land, no prophylactic use of drugs such as anti-parasitics, and no mulesing.
Ecology and environmental impact are keywords for Pinori Filati, the company that supplies our yarn. The firm’s high creativity and know-how are expressed in this textile, made from recycled polyester and the recycling of common plastic bottles. The resulting fibre is then blended with regenerated cotton fibre sourced from industrial waste.
Hemp is one of the most ecologically friendly fabrics and also the oldest, and our natural organic hemp fibre both breaths and is biodegradable. Hemp is also a renewable resource which grows quickly without herbicides, fungicides or pesticides.
Organic silk is the finest silk based on fair, respectful and future-oriented relationships with the producers and the environment. The silk is created without the use of any chemicals or treatments using insecticides, pesticides or synthetic additives. All our silk is certified with the GOTS label.
Bamboo is an incredibly soft, smooth, comfortable, luxurious and strong material. It is antistatic and has excellent wicking properties, is antibacterial and a good solution for skin problems. It is highly breathable in hot weather, and also keeps the body significantly warmer in the cold than traditional fabrics. As a plant it thrives naturally without using any pesticides or fertilisers, and is biodegradable. All our bamboo is certified with the GOTS label.